Marketing Efforts: No Need to Run, Walking Is Just Fine

Have you ever jogged in 90-degree weather? It’s sweaty, laborious‑not a joyous experience, and even hazardous. That’s how many small businesses feel about taking time out of their extremely busy day to market themselves. Yes, if they are blinkered enough on their daily activities, they may consider it hazardous to getting actual work done.

Placeholder ImageIt can be just the opposite though‑lethal to your business if you don’t expend the time needed to develop an environment where you create new prospects and enable a sale to take place. This focus on future revenues helps successful businesspeople sleep at night.

The real question is how to best utilize the time for marketing efforts. First and probably easiest, is to spend time thinking about your website. In 2016, almost all businesses, old and new, have a web presence, so we’re not talking about creating a whole new site, more likely some tweaks. But is your website a reflection of how you do business today (or want to)? Does it fulfill the requirements for good search engine optimization, if you’re in a business that requires being found on the Web. Does it complement any social media efforts that your company has developed?

Speaking of social media, did your announcement or press release hit Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and any of the other latest and greatest apps? Did your 15% off promotion reach the intended audience?

There are many effective ways to market your business. One of the most reasonable ways to spend your marketing hours is to become a member of a local business group. For the trades, this is essential. For companies who are interested in selling locally, it makes a great deal of sense. With a couple of hours a week, relationships can be built that assure a steady flow of revenue for the coming months.

Marketing does take work. It is not exactly sweaty, muscle-taxing effort, but it is something that well-managed organizations emphasize to help them succeed. Set aside a few hours each week to exercise those marketing muscles. We’d love the opportunity to help you get started

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