In addition to dozens of trifold brochures, press releases, biographies, sell sheets and flyers, and white papers for small businesses just like yours, the following are a few samples of editorial work from the Revisions Communications & Editorial Services team:

The Value Mirage: Will Allowing Health Insurers to Sell Across State Lines Mean Lower Premiums? SM Health Communications, 2017

Saving for Retirement While Being Able to Save for Life’s Other Needs. Isakov Planning Group, 2017

Why Tax Planning Is Essential to Financial Planning. Isakov Planning Group, 2017

Puroclean Damage Restoration website copy, 2014

Why It Matters Where You Buy Your Insurance: The Independent Agent Advantage, March 2013

Are Bonds Still a “Safe Haven” for Investors? Despite Recent Volatility, Bonds Remain Part of a Sound Approach to Potential Financial Growth. Rivertown Magazine, October 2013, pp 90-91.

Editing, Death Under the Oak: A Murder in Basingstoke, by Norrie Thomas, 2013

Editing, An Unbalanced Success, by Norrie Thomas, 2013

Website copy editing, RAND Payroll Services,

Website copy writing, 5-Star Millwork

New Conference to Answer Questions About Pharmacy Benefit Costs, Ethics and Contracting

A Rational Proposal for Patient Safety

Report on the Health System of India

Medicines Are Good for What Ails You, but Watch Their Effects on Vital Vitamins and Nutrients

Big Savings Available With New Generic Drugs

Value-Based Health Care: The Role of Pharmaceuticals



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