An Educated Consumer Is Your Best Customer

, very few of us can claim to be experts in purchasing new central air conditioning systems. If a company’s website includes good information on problems to avoid in choosing a new or replacement system, that’s worthwhile education. I appreciate informational tools that help me understand what size system best fits my home as well. And it keeps me on this one website longer. Importantly, if they are a local company, I’m almost certain to invite them to my home for an estimate. New educational web pages and informative blogs fulfill two of my requirements for a service- or consulting-oriented website: (1) providing actual assistance to the visitor and (2) boosting its visibility on web search engines.

Making the Right Impression

In digital or advertising, the most important metric is the number of impressions your ad receives. The number of eyes viewing your content will always be important, but just as critical is what those eyeballs will see once they click through? What is the impression left by your marketing program? This leads us to at... Continue Reading →

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