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Revisions Communications & Editorial Services specializes in services that will help boost your business.


Do you want an automatic way of maintaining client contact? Revisions Communications & Editorial Services can write and produce an affordable, periodic communication to your mailing or E-mail list, which will ensure established clients can’t forget you, and potential customers will take notice. Let Revisions write a custom newsletter or report for you, which reinfiStock_000002528747XSmallorces your organization’s expertise.

  • Have you considered writing a series of one-page informational pieces to help keep in touch with your existing clients?
  • Can you use some fresh ideas for promoting your expertise and services?
  • Are you contemplating a new website, or revisions to messages presented in an existing website?
  • Do you need editorial services that will deliver your message via E-mail communications to your clients?
  • Do you have concerns that writing communications to your clients may hinder rather than help your ability to build relationships?

The experience and expertise of Revisions can provide the cost-effective help you need. Use the Contact Form to better understand how Revisions Communications & Editorial Services can help boost your business.


Your marketing collateral is vital to obtaining greater sales. However, are you sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed? If you are not confident that the message is being conveyed properly, Revisions can provide expert copyediting, grammar checking, and quality control to ensure potential customers understand how your business and its services can provide the best value.

  • Do you have a brochure that needs polishing?
  • Do you need editorial services to ensure that E-mail communications to your clients and potential customers transmit the precise message?
  • Do you need to revise an existing website or are you contemplating a new website?

Perhaps you’re not confident of the way your message is written or you’re concerned that your marketing language needs some fine-tuning. Use the Contact Form to better understand how Revisions Communications & Editorial Services can help grow your business.

Public Relations

Every small business can generate more exposure for its product line or services. These events can be leveraged through public relations efforts. Revisions can write your press release and help you identify media sources to get the greatest distribution and where you would receive the best exposure. Revisions can help you formulate a public relations campaign to fit your budget that can lead to more sales contacts and opportunities.

  • Have you received a big contract?
  • Has your organization won a community or business award?
  • Have you introduced a new product or product line?
  • Has your business established an important new relationship?

Let Revisions Communications & Editorial Services help your business publicize these and other keystone events. Use the Contact Form to better understand how Revisions can help boost your business.

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