An Ode to Writing in Courier

The benefit gained through truly finishing your words—and the multiple rounds of editing and revision required to achieve this gleaming shine—may be noticed by not only the writer but appreciated by the intended audience.

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What Makes a Good, Effective Read? Editing Does

Everyone has heard the cliché in real estate: “It’s location, location, location.” Well, in 2021, when real estate is booming everywhere, maybe it’s low interest rates and a pandemic-enhanced market. For those in the writing profession, it's editing, editing, and more editing. We know that excellent editing makes the copy sing. Only very rarely does... Continue Reading →

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Nonprofits and Associations in the Year of COVID-19: How Do You Ensure Your Attention to Detail?

This year, perhaps more than any year in the distant past, nonprofit organizations have experienced incredible fund-raising challenges. Live meetings with paid attendees or donor events have been postponed, cancelled, or converted to virtual sessions. Registration fees and exhibitor registrations, which fueled much of the annual operating budget, were not an option in 2020 (and... Continue Reading →

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The Value of the Client Interview

Writing the copy for websites, brochures, fact sheets, blogs, and press releases is a straightforward process. An experienced writer can whip up a first draft in short order, if that person knows what the client expects to achieve. In other words, what’s your point? We’re not mind readers, though some clients seem to expect that!... Continue Reading →

The Language of PowerPoint®

If your company’s objective is to thrive through business-to- business (B2B) transactions, then it seems inevitable that you need to create slide decks at some point. Whether reporting on business results or seeking to solicit new work, or introducing a new product or service, fluency in Microsoft PowerPoint® seems increasingly important. Although not news to... Continue Reading →

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