Press Releases, Fact Sheets, Brochures, Website Content, and Marketing Communications

What are some of the greatest challenges for small businesses today? Seeking ways to grow revenue and manage costs would top most owners’ lists.

Revisions Communications & Editorial Services was founded on the premise that small businesses cannot afford their own communications departments—nor should they! However, this resource, based in the Philadelphia-metro area, can improve your marketplace presence and ensure precise language with expert writing and editing services, leading to more contacts and more revenue. Helping grow your business by improving small business’ public communications and marketing materials: That’s what Revisions is all about.

We can write press releases, fact sheets, sell sheets, trifold brochures-anything with words! We strive it to precisely communicate your key messages.

Revisions can be your cost-effective communications and editorial resource, an expert writing and editing department—we’re here when you need it.

  • Editing
  • Writing
  • Public Relations
  • Publishing

Services to Boost Your Business


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